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Ortho Movement/Football insole

Vi samarbeider med Ortho Movement/Football insole for å kunne gi våre spillere tilgangen til komfortable fotballsåler som kan bidra til mindre skader og bedre ytelse. Ortho Movement er eksperter på fotens oppbygning og behov. Føttene er tross alt det viktigste verktøyet til fotballspillerne våre. Så dette er en meget viktig samarbeidspartner for oss.

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Ortho Movements story

Our philosophy lies in the basis of Ortho Movement, that is – making people ‘linear’. A linear movement reduces the unnecessary strain on peoples’ muscles, joints and back when performing different activities.

We also want to shed light on the importance of our feet health, function and needs, what you can achieve by providing the best feet conditions for each individual, regardless of your activity. During your everyday obstacles or your free time, within sports as an amateur or elite.

The feet contain about 66 joints, 214 ligaments, 38 muscles and tendons, and 26 bones that can move together through these joints. The bones are connected together with more than 100 ligaments. In order to be able to move your foot, muscles are required. Some are in the foot, others are attached on the lower leg which guides the foot with the aid of tendons.

Everyone has different conditions and goals, everyone’s bodies and feet are individual. Choosing the right insoles for the right activity, will give you the best conditions for a well-functioning body.

We treat everyone according to the sport you practice. We have examined the bodily movements of the activities for many years. This knowledge has enabled this concept based on finding the right insole for the right user.