Why FPN?

Fotballprogresjon Norge (FPN) is Scandinavia's leading player in organized personal training and specialized player development of young footballers. We can proudly say that our PT sessions produce significant results! Through our PT program, more than 60 players have represented Norway on the U-national teams and the A national team, and a significant number of players have signed professional contracts with clubs in Norway and Europe. There is no doubt that you will gain a competitive advantage through our demanding and challenging program.

Our development model is tailored to your age and skill level. All groups are differentiated, so that we can adapt the complexity and speed of the training to the level of the group.


With us, you become part of a social and inclusive environment where you share your passion for football and development with like-minded people under optimal frameworks for development.


There is no doubt that qualified and targeted training creates a good foundation for the development of children and young people, and provides better conditions for success as a footballer. There is also no doubt that you have to put in an extra effort in addition to the training you get at your club.


Our strength and the uniqueness of FPN is the whole. A combination of experience, a well-developed and forward-looking methodology, and trainers with expertise and competence. In addition, we work with small groups, which ensure the individual player's development through close follow-up and frequent feedback on performance.


We have top indoor facilities in both Cageball Nydalen and Manglerudhallen, and the best equipment for player development.

Anyone who participates in our PT concept can book a development interview. This is part of the PT offer and not something we charge extra for. At this meeting, we evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, offer tips and advice, and help you create good development goals. This gives you valuable feedback so you can continue to improve your game.


At FPN, you get the opportunity to be trained by the most energetic, specialized and competent player developers in the industry. We are creative and innovative in the way we approach training. Quality is the key word.

Our trainers have a DNA that is built on high competence, dedication, commitment and enthusiasm!

We believe in positivity and humility in our work, and we treat all our players with the utmost respect and kindness. We want to create a safe and supportive environment that is inclusive and built on trust, unity and cooperation.

We are more than just an organization – FPN is a family with a big heart!

Our purpose is to offer developing, inspiring and fun training sessions with energy and enthusiasm. It should be fun to train at FPN.

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At FPN, you get sessions that are adapted to your level and tomorrow's requirements. FPN's identity must be recognizable in all contexts. We have clear work instructions, methodology and principles that all the trainers adhere to to the best of their ability. Our training takes place with high intensity, extremely many touches on the ball, and a strong focus on developing football skills.

We attach great importance to:

  1. Soccer Skills: We work to develop all skills in our training sessions. We put the players in situations that are as match-like as possible. We emphasize complexity, intensity, ball pace, quality of movement, body positioning and perception, all to give participants an authentic experience.
  2. Perception: With us, the players learn to "search" for information, and understand the information that comes from the environment (perception), so that they can understand different situations (football understanding).
  3. Action Choice: That is, decision making, which refers to the ability to make quick and smart choices based on your "searches".
  4. Physical Skills: In order to get the most out of technical skills, we also emphasize physical skills such as: coordination, agility, strength and speed.
  5. Mental Skills: The mental skills are essential to exploiting your full potential as a footballer. We are concerned with the right focus, concentration and discipline, and expect full presence and maximum effort. We are concerned with courage. We want you to try difficult things and make lots of mistakes.


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Collaboration partners