Who is FPN?

In 2007, Danny Sannes founded Fotballprogresjon Norge (FPN), and since then FPN has been at the forefront of personal training and player development for footballers. Not long after the start-up, Kim-David Hunstok joined the ownership side, and took an important position as sporting director. Today, FPN consists of 3 full-time employees, as well as a team of 15-20 trainers.

We have built up a strong brand through many years of hard work and passion for football. We see ourselves as innovative and innovative both in relation to product development, but also in relation to tools that can make player development even better. As football is constantly changing, we follow developments closely so that we can offer the best training to our players.

FPN must always deliver services with high professional quality in terms of both product and content.


Football Progression Norway (FPN) shall be the preferred choice
for anyone who wants to develop and improve their football skills.

We must always be at the forefront of developments. We strive to challenge each other, think creatively and innovatively, and we are dedicated to continuously improving our skills and expertise.

We offer good training facilities all year round. We will lead the way with the latest equipment and tools for player development, offer quality-assured training programmes, first-class coaching and follow-up, as well as create the best environment for development and growth.

We will have a constant recruitment of players for the Norwegian national teams. Our contribution is aimed at helping as many players as possible to reach their full potential, and that as many as possible get the opportunity to realize their dreams.

Value base

We have some core values that we want to see in each other every single day, both on and off the pitch. Values that focus on attitudes and good behaviour. The sum of our values forms the basis for the type of players we want to develop. 


We are ambitious and committed, and carry out all tasks with the highest possible degree of quality.

Fellow human

We respect that we are different, and allow everyone to be themselves. At the same time, we cultivate cooperation and community. We like each other well, and play each other well all the time.


We offer ourselves, we are glowing, eager and dedicated. We go a little further for each other.


We are not afraid to make mistakes. We are brave enough to try difficult things again and again and again.


We show an aggressive attitude towards learning and development, and behave humbly in all contexts.

Ethical platform

The ethical platform defines the framework for our business. Everyone who works at FPN must agree to follow our guidelines. FPN ensures continuous quality assurance.


Everyone who trains with us should have a positive experience in a safe and protected environment. Therefore, all coaches must sign a self-declaration for being with children and young people, in addition to providing a police certificate.


FPN must act with responsibility and security for our players. We process privacy data with care and according to GDPR rules. We behave in an orderly manner in all contexts. We deliver all our services as agreed with high professional quality in both product, content and delivery. We keep what we promise.


FPN makes it possible for everyone to meet with mutual respect. We never look down on others or discriminate between people. Our players and guardians must experience us as a reliable and responsible partner.


We will always ensure that the work with HSE is systematic and ongoing. This means good routines for training and employee interviews. Our workplace must be safe and secure and we do not accept discrimination or any form of offensive behaviour.

FPN Security Policy

Football progression Norway sets strict requirements for the safety and care of players who participate in our activities. Our policy ensures that all players have a pleasant and positive experience within a safe framework in connection with our activities.

As part of our security policy

Will FPN porganize and prioritize the safety and well-being of children and young people.

Ensure that all our trainers understand their roles and responsibilities in terms of safety and well-being.

Ensure that appropriate measures are taken should incidents involving mistreatment occur

Ensure that confidential information and details relating to security reasons are kept secure and protected


Police certificate

The Norwegian Sports Confederation works continuously to ensure that sport is a safe place. In 2008, it was decided that everyone who will carry out tasks in Norwegian sports that involve a relationship of trust and responsibility with minors or people with developmental disabilities must be able to present a police certificate free of objections. The scheme covers both employees and volunteers over the age of 15.

All trainers must be able to show a police certificate free of serious complaints in order to work with us.

Here you can read more about requirements for a police certificate